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Cherriette Radishes with Anchovy Butter and Fluer de Sel

I am in Farm Share heaven right now, thanks to Siena Farms.  I just picked up this weeks CSA box and am blown away by everything that is pristine and thriving right now in New England.  First out of the box were gorgeous Cherriette Radishes.  The sophistication of this “amuse bouche” comes in it’s simplicity: radish+premium butter+anchovy+fleur de sel.  It is also gorgeous and full of color and texture which make plating fun.  Grab a bottle of rose and let’s munch!


  1. 1 bunch French Breakfast Radishes

  2. 2 Tbs premium butter, unsalted and at room temp

  3. 1 tsp anchovies, canned or cured and mashed

  4. 1 pinch fleur de sel


  1. Thoroughly wash radishes and slice vertically.  I like to keep as much of the beautiful leafy green and root structure attached as it makes for a beautiful presentation

  2. Mix butter and anchovy together until smooth and creamy.

  3. Smear a small dollop of buttery spread onto each radish half and garnish with fleur de sel just before serving. (I like to do this just before serving so the salt maintains a little “crunch” and does not have time to dissolve.

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