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BDC Style Watch: Living Room Design with Dennis Duffy

Dennis Duffy of Duffy Design Group shares with us a beautiful living room in Weston, MA.  I LOVE that the Client’s original inspiration came from a hotel suite in San Francisco.  Can’t we all think of a hotel room we wanted to go “Eloise” over?!  I love the reminder that inspiration for our homes can come anywhere, anytime.  I was so curious to see this space when I first heard the Wife’s favorite color was purple.  The platinums, plums and orchids that Dennis shares with us  are stunning.  Not to mention it is a color palate that walks across the seasons easily, don’t you think?  Dennis reminds us to not be afraid to mix metal- how gorgeous are the gold and parchment nesting tables from Studio 534?  Check out this week’s BDC Style Watch Segment here:

dennis necn kitchen
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