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How to Clean a Soft Shell Crab

Soft Shell Crab

Soft Shell Crab

It’s soft shell crab season in Boston!  Soft Shell Crab is a Blue Crab that has recently molted its hard shell, making the entire crab delicious and edible.  The meat is tender, delicate and sweet.  When you find these little guys fresh and in season, there are 3 simple cleaning steps necessary to prepare them for the pan- removal of the lungs, face and rear.

Tonight, we are having Soft Shell Crab Sandwiches.  We are going to keep it simple by dusting the crab lightly with salt, pepper, and flour and pan searing in 1 tbs of EVOO and a pat of butter (approx 2 min each side on medium high).  Add a squeeze of lemon, fresh tartar sauce and a side of slaw and it’s a bite of New England Summer!  Some of our other favorite uses for this delicacy include, Soft Shell Crab Piccata with Lemon and Caper over Linguine and Soft Shell Crab Tacos with Mango Cilantro Relish.  Enjoy! xo

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