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Oh MAMA! AJ and I are “fluent” in Italian

This past Spring, AJ and I took our dream trip to Italy!  We  literally ate our way across Rome, Positano and Abruzzo.   Among our culinary adventures was a 7 day 7 night all inclusive culinary program with Leonardo de Flaviis at Abruzzo 1.  Leonardo has since become a wonderful friend and AJ and I daily reminisce over the hundreds of special moments, dishes and recipes we collected along our adventure.   As I convert from grams to cups in order to share on Brave Apron, I thought I would share this little gem.  AJ and I happened to be eating in a small wheat mill outside of Gamberale, Italy when THIS popped up on the big screen at the restaurant.  Talk about a THRILL to *finally* speak “fluent” Italian!

Oh mama

Italian’s really do say it best.  The above screen shot is from the moment on set when I exacerbated “Oh my God, this is the biggest moment of my life!”  In Italian, all that needed to be said was “Oh Mama!”  Less  is more, in Italian… and in cooking!

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