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Fall gets tipsy with the Maple Flirt!

My fav fall outfit yet...

This adorable outfit at J.McLaughlin on Charles Street in Beacon Hill, Boston caught my eye.  Not only did this get-up strike visuals of leaf peeping in fur and flannel but it also whet my appetite for a fall elixir that would set a precedent for all things fun, fall and fab!  And thus…the Maple Flirt was born.  Let me know what you think!

Serves 6 (Recipe can be doubled and makes a great punch!)

The Bar:

1 1/2 cup light spiced rum (I use Mount Gay, Capt. Morgan’s is also nice)

3 cup cider (Trader Joe’s Pear Cinnamon Cider is DELISH otherwise apple juice, cider or even Martinelli’s Sparkling is a great alternative)

2 oz vanilla schnapps/liqueur

2 oz maple syrup

a dash of Angostura Aromatic Bitters

2 + Tbs pressed ginger (I love extra ginger- the more the better! I also like the pulp- the drink feels a little more hearty aka “healthy”;)  If you prefer a thinner drink, simply strain the juice!)

2 Tbs lemon juice 

Fresh pomegranate, ground nutmeg and a cinnamon stick for garnish!

* You can control how sweet the party is based on how much schnapps and syrup you add.  If you would like something a little less sweet, add just half of the Vanilla Schnapps and Maple Syrup quantity then add an extra squeeze of ginger…spicey:)

Serve shaken straight up, or stirred on the rocks.

Happy leaf peeping (errr..nor’easter…)  CHEERS!

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