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How to Fillet and Skin a Fish – 5lbs Atlantic Pollock from Cape Anna Fresh Catch

Monday is Fish Day for the Rossi’s!  Every Monday between 4-6p we meet Fisherman Nick in Cambridge to grab the latest catch from Cape Ann Fresh Catch Community Supported Fishery (CSF).  The fish is literally fresh off the boat that morning and I love the pleasure of shaking hands with the guy who caught it.  If we aren’t catching our own, this is certainly the next best thing!

What I also love about this is the surprise!  We are two weeks in and so far have had hake and pollock-  two fish that I have never cooked with before.  Although, AJ and I are both adventurous and enthusiastic when it comes to trying new things, I often find that when I go to the market, I stick with what I know.  Similar with our CSA at Siena Farms, I love that our CSF forces us out of our comfort zone.  If you find yourself with a whole fish for the first time, don’t be daunted.  Even I can fillet and skin a fish- it is delicious and rewarding!

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