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Tequila My Mango

CHILLED MANGO WITH TEQUILA & LIME – part cocktail, part irresistible dessert

There is a heat wave sweeping across New England and nothing screams summer louder than top shelf tequila and lime…am I right?  This dish has all of the components that I love about a dessert; the ripe mango is sweet and creamy, the tequila is surprisingly spicy, and the lime + mint make this a bright and refreshing palate cleanser.  This is sure to send you longin’ for the dog days that are just around the corner.  Even better, this sweet treat is super easy and gets tastier by the minute as it infuses in the fridge.  How ’bout that for “on-demand vaca” after a hard days work?!  And yes, it’s ok to slurp the syrup after the fruit is long gone.  We certainly do:)

Mexican Mangos on sale at Whole Foods 5 for $5 and oh-so-ripe!

INGREDIENTS: (serves 4)

4 mangos, ripe and cuped 

6 Tbs tequila

zest from 1 whole lime

juice from 1 whole lime

5 Tbs honey, +/- to taste

6 mint leaves f, plus 4 beautiful sprigs

pinch of salt, just enough to balance


  1. Prepare mango into 1″ cubes.

  2. Whisk together tequila, lime zest, lime juice, honey, salt and mint leaves.

  3. Pour mixture over mangos and chill for 30+ minutes.

  4. Divide mango and mixture among glasses and garnish with a sprig of mint.

  5. Bottoms up…who new something so simple couple be this remarkable:)

You like?

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